A Message from the Principal


“It takes a village to raise a child”



Welcome to Wyndham Park Primary School,


As the principal of Wyndham Park Primary School, I believe that in this modern world the challenges and demands of society and community are ever expanding and changing. Our society is one of rapid communication, action and change, of intricate social activity and a huge potential for new knowledge. I believe this has led to the need for an evolution of student learning. Student learning needs to be collaborative through networks of knowledge, flexible and continuous, using open-ended and life-long learning styles and systems of learning. The modern learner needs to be an analyser who is able to gather, scrutinize and use evidence to test and apply solutions to new problems, and finally a synthesizer of new knowledge: able to connect ideas to create new ways of being and doing.

At Wyndham Park Primary School, we believe that every single child MUST be given the chance to achieve their full potential, whatever their talent or background. Every single child CAN learn, that is a given; and we, as a place of education, plan to deliver personalised learning opportunities that treat the learner as a partner in their learning, and that are responsive to the different ways learners achieve their best.


At Wyndham Park Primary School we also believe in the strength and capacity of our families and our school community. We believe it is essential that we build strong family and community relationships within and around our school.  We are strengthened by our relationships within the broader community and realise the value of harnessing the full capacity of our community and parents to collectively encourage students’ learning and enhance student outcomes.


We always look to utilise every possible partnership available to enhance our already successful community partnerships and relationships. As such we have actively established our own "Inside the School Gate" Community Hub, which is registered and supported by Community Hubs Australia.


With that in mind we welcome you to our school. We believe your family will grow and thrive within our community and school gates. Please feel free to browse this website or call us to find out more.


Kind regards,


Laban Toose





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