A Message from the Principal


Welcome to Wyndham Park Primary School,


It is my belief that every single child MUST be given the chance to achieve their full potential, whatever their talent or background. Every single child CAN learn, that is a given; and at Wyndham Park Primary School, we plan to deliver personalised learning opportunities that treat every child as a partner in their learning, and that are tailored in ways that allow children to achieve their best.




As a parent you are your child’s first teacher. You have already watched your child learn many things, such as crawling, walking, and and communicating. At Wyndham Park Primary School we invite you to continue your crucial role by sharing in the teaching and learning that happens at Wyndham Park Primary School in every classroom.

In each of our classrooms, our teachers are cultivating a safe, respectful, responsible and stimulating environment where children are valued, praised and encouraged.







As parents you can encourage and help your child's learning by:



Praising you child for his/her efforts so that they may continue to gain confidence and accept challenges.

Encouraging your child to have a go, to take risks – after all, it’s OK to make mistakes, if we learn from them.

Sharing your child’s achievements with others – your family, friends or neighbours.

Taking an interest in school events by reading newsletters, and checking your child’s diary.

Getting to know your child’s teacher.

Join in with classroom activities if possible, or offer to help at home.

Showing your child how to go about tasks or solving problems. Listen to their ideas, and make suggestions – but stop yourself from doing it for them!

Remembering that children progress at their own rate so the children in your child’s class will be working at a range of levels. Don’t compare your child with other children; rather, compare their progress against their own achievements over time.

Children need to know that special adults in their lives believe in them and their potential.


Together we can create a powerful partnership to help guide and support your childs learning.


Also please feel free to drop in and say hello the next time your at Wyndham Park Primary School


Kind regards
Laban Toose