Year 5 & 6 Learning Community

Students and Teachers:


Our community aims to develop positive, motivated, independent, resilient and inquiring students who become life-long learners and are prepared for the changes and challenges they may encounter in life.

The classroom teachers deliver an effective learning program that is differentiated to suit the academic, emotional and cultural needs of the students. An integrated approach to learning and the curriculum is valued, so students can see links between subjects and connect new skills to previous knowledge. Teachers and the community value students for their individual talents and challenge them to improve their personal best. Goal setting is a priority and children are encouraged to build on their strengths. Student choices in learning is also valued especially in Inquiry. Efforts and achievements are celebrated with student awards and are evident in their student portfolios. These portfolios are used in conferences where students can reflect on and share their learning with parents and guardians.

Students also have access to netbooks daily, to help aspire 21st Century Learners. Exciting programs help to facilitate student competence and confidence in the use of technology. Children showcase their knowledge and technological skills by working as a team on set challenges in the computer-based robotics program and some students choose to participate in the First Lego League competition against other schools.


The Curriculum:


The Year 5 & 6 Community, in partnership with The Community Hub and other organisations, offers its students a variety of highly effective programs to support and enhance the comprehensive and exciting curriculum.




  • Inter-school Sports
  • Athletics
  • Cross- country
  • Rugby Gala
  • Olympics Day


Citizenship and Leadership Programmes:

Leadership, responsibility and cooperation are highly valued at W.P.P.S. Therefore, programs which develop leadership and encourage students to be active citizens are strongly recommended. The community has been lucky to have the expertise of Louise Holley to help our children thrive in ‘Kids Thrive’. Students have been developing leadership skills, debating, presenting in front of large audiences and making a difference in the community. They have organised the collection of blankets to help sick dogs; entertained the elderly and have learnt what being a responsible citizen is.

Children are encouraged to run for the position of sport captain or school leader. They have special responsibilities around the school, for example, welcoming and showing guest around, raising the flag, assisting with assemblies and sporting activities.


Extra Activities and Programs:

  • Book Week
  • Robotics (Challenge –First Lego League)
  • Graduation
  • Literacy and Numeracy Week
  • Harmony Day


In school visits and excursion provide children with worthwhile first hand experiences.


School Camp:

Students enjoyed the great outdoors at Camp Kangroobie. Camps are planned every two years and are extremely beneficial in developing social and team building skills, resilience and independence. The next camp will take place in 2018.



Camps provide children with wonderful experiences.



Tuesday;  REading 20 min

             Spelling 20 min

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