Year 3 & 4 Learning Community

Year 3 & 4 Learning Community

Our year 3 and 4 cohort is made up of 5 grades of multi aged 3/4 classes, many of the students come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. The classroom teachers deliver an effective learning program that is differentiated to suit the academic, emotional and cultural needs of all students. An integrated approach to learning and the curriculum is valued, so students can see links between subjects and connect new skills with previous knowledge. Each learning space has an interactive whiteboard or an apple smart TV to support student learning and students have access to a range of ICT equipment. Goal setting in all areas of learning is a priority and children are encouraged to build on their strengths. Student choice in learning is also valued, especially in Inquiry. Efforts and achievements are celebrated with student awards and are evident in their portfolios. These portfolios are used in conferences where students can reflect on and share their learning with parents and guardians.



Reading: In 2017, we have introduced the CAFÉ Reading Program to develop further the independence, reading stamina and comprehension of our students.
The areas we are focusing on include:

-               Comprehension (‘I understand what I read’)

-               Accuracy (‘I can read the words’)

-               Fluency (‘I can read accurately, with expression and understand what I read’)

-               Expand Vocabulary (‘I know, find and use interesting words’)

Speaking and Listening: We provide multiple opportunities for our students to speak and listen for a range of purposes and group sizes.

Spelling: For spelling, we will continue with our focus on the Words Their Way program to develop students’ spelling skills in the following ways:

-               Developmental approach to phonics

-               Spelling patterns

-               Vocabulary instruction

-               Understanding spelling rules or generalisations.

Writing: This year students will learn how to develop their writing in a variety of genres such as recounts, narratives, information reports, poetry and transactional texts. Students will continue to develop their writing stamina through Rocket Writing (writing of their own choice) and use of their Writer’s Notebook. Handwriting is a focus ensuring that the correct letter formation and placement of letters on lines is developed.



In 2017, we will continue our implementation of the Math Daily 3 program, which has three focus areas: Math by myself, Math with someone and Math Writing. Students develop math skills whilst working either independently or with someone. They also develop their recording skills in demonstrating how they solve math problems.



How places are diverse yet interconnected?

Students will inquire into the diversity, significance and interconnectedness of places and environments in Australia and beyond. This could include people’s relationship with the environment (including the ATSI perspective). They will explore diverse landscapes and people’s impact on the sustainable use of resources.

What is the impact of innovation?

Students will inquire into design ideas, innovations, scientific methods, technologies and/or the use of sustainable materials/processes to solve problems. They will explore the impact of designs (economic, environmental, ethical and social).

What are the scientific principles that underpin change?

Students will inquire into the chemical and physical world, including natural/man-made materials, forces, heat and changes of state. This inquiry explores how change is the result of human activity, natural processes and the impact of being sustainable.


Additional Extracurricular Programs offered in 2017

  • Harmony Day (Term 1)
  • Song Room - Performing Arts – Terms 2/3
  • Active Kids – building healthy lifestyles – Term 2
  • Book Week
  • Robotics (We Do 2.0)
  • Literacy and Numeracy Week