My name is Ms Mannion, this year I will be working in the Art room at WPPS students helping them to explore and experience a wide range of material and methods for creating their own works of art.


Foundation students will be exploring colour, shape and texture to create a self-portrait. They will be using materials such as pencil, crayons and paint on cartridge paper.

Grades 1 and 2 students will be developing their ability to plan and create artworks over a period of weeks starting with sketching ideas in their visual arts journal.

Grade 3 and 4  will be exploring art making through the visual art journal and creating a work of art  using a variety of techniques and materials over the term.

Grade 5 and 6 will be expanding their knowledge of art making techniques and also looking at examples of artworks from different cultures to to help inspire their artwork.


My name is Mrs Brooke Allison. This year I will be working with small groups in the Behaviour and Social Intervention Program. This term students will be working towards the development of strategies to positively engage with others and form strong and lasting friendships.

Community Hub

My name is Ms Louise Holley. I am a teacher at Wyndham Park Primary School and I have a role as Community Hub Coordinator. The Wyndham Park Primary School Community Hub is situated upstairs in the green building. Our Community Hub provides learning opportunities for families and the wider community.

Research tells us that our students will perform better at school if their family members are involved in activities and programs within the school. The Hub is supported by The Smith Family who work in partnership with three schools in Wyndham forming the Wyndham Schools Community Hub (WSCH): Wyndham Park Primary School, Manor Lakes P-12 College and Our Lady of the Southern Cross Primary School. The main goal of The Smith Family’s WSCH project is to improve outcomes for students and families by connecting with organisations that can offer new learning opportunities.

WPPS Community Hub activities and program include:

  • Playgroups (VICSEG VU IPC)
  • Adult English classes (WCEC)
  • Maternal and Child Health Nurse drop-in (Wyndham City Council)
  • Art projects
  • Cultural cooking classes (SASH CaPPS)

WPPS Community Partners include

  • The Smith Family
  • Ardoch Youth Foundation
  • The Men’s Shed
  • Wyndham Community Council
  • The Salvation Army
  • The SongRoom
  • Karingal
  • Wyndham Community and Education Centre (WCEC)

A Hub timetable (with enrolment forms) is published each term and distributed and promoted through the newsletter and social media.

Louise Holley   Community Hub Coordinator WPPS  louiseholley@tpg.com.au         0422 906 133


Hi My name is Mr Jacek Tomaszewski

This year i am the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Specialist.

My role will be to support the development of students English skills if they speak another language at home.

I will be working in the classroom as well as taking small groups of students out of the classroom to participate in activities to develop their English language skills in Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing.

I intend also to work with families to support English language learning.


My name is Ms Carol Kolic and I will be taking small groups of students for the Literacy Learning Intervention (LLI) Program. In sessions, students will be completing the following activities:

-       reading books

-       phonemic  awareness tasks

-       new book introduction

-       Writing about reading

-       letter /word work


My name is Dale Palmer and I will be taking Physical Education this year. In term one students will participate in ball handling skills aimed at developing their fundamental motor skills and improving hand eye co-ordination.

Students will play co-operative games and be able to identify how they actively participate in Physical Education lessons.



Bienvenidos to Spanish with Srta. Romero!


I am from Venezuela and I like to share my language culture with all the community at WPPS.


This term students in Foundation will learn basic vocabulary and songs… they will start an exciting program!

Students in 1/2 ‘s will develop new vocabulary about emotions and classroom routines, they will ask questions and use Spanish often.

3/4 ‘s  will make questions and exclamations in Spanish, they will create a role-play and play Spanish trivia.

5/6 ‘s will discover more about Spanish-speaking communities by using travelling vocabulary.

I am looking forward to see all the achievements through the term!!


Hasta pronto…