In Foundation we offer a broad and varied curriculum to cater for the needs of all our students. To develop them as independent individuals who gain a love of lifelong learning.Through ‘hands on’ experiences students build confidence to ask questions and deepen their knowledge. Parents are encouraged to engage in their child’s learning to support and explore these experiences together and develop strong communications with the teacher. This ethos has increased positive and successful outcomes for our students.


Wyndham Park Primary School is closely linked to local Kinder and childcare centres encouraging early transition into the school setting to develop relationships with those students who are already enrolled. We regularly visit these settings and offer our facilities for prospective families to enjoy. Students participate in specialist subjects including Art, P.E and Spanish as well as gross motor skills through PMP. They also have use of iPads to enhance learning concepts.

Inquiry:  Unknown


Inquiry at WPPS is essentially a student-centred learning approach in which the learner is actively involved in the learning process. This process enables students to develop their thinking, problem-solving, independent, interpersonal and reflective skills. Over the course of the year students inquire into the following concepts;

  • How do I change things?
  • Who am I?
  • What do living things need?



Foundation students enjoy a variety of rich experiences which aim to foster a love of and confidence in reading, writing and speaking and listening. We closely follow the Victorian Curriculum and EAL continuum in developing our weekly 10 hour program. We differentiate to support the needs of all our learners and receive ongoing literacy coaching encompassing best practice. Our literacy program is supported by Speech Pathologists and specialised targeted withdrawal groups according to Individualised Learning Programs. 

Throughout our school the C.A.F.E (acronym for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expand Vocabulary) reading program is the basis for Individualised Learning and Goal Setting. Teachers conference students regularly to monitor progress towards their goals and work with small groups to enhance their learning.

A nightly home reading program commences from early in Term one as parental involvement in this routine enhances success and connectedness with the reading goals provided at school.

All students at Wyndham Park Primary School can participate in Reading Eggs both at home and at school. 

The M100W high frequency words are introduced in Foundation starting with Golden Words.



Mathematics is a vital component of our curriculum at WPPS. Students participate in a minimum of 5 hours a week of explicit Mathematics learning. However, Mathematics is also integrated throughout other areas of the curriculum daily.

Lessons are planned and delivered using a range of assessment data which informs each individual student's point of need. Teachers differentiate the Mathematics curriculum to support the learning of all students and conference regularly to ensure students are working towards their individual learning goals.

Students use a range of hands-on manipulatives and resources to support their Mathematics learning. All students at Wyndham Park Primary School can participate in Mathletics both at home and at school. 


Mathematics areas covered throughout the year include:

  • Counting to and from 20 from various starting points,
  • Comparing, ordering and making collections up to 20,
  • Recognising number names (e.g. four), numerals (e.g. 4) and quantities (e.g. four teddies) to 10,
  • Subitising small collections of objects, 
  • Basic addition and subtraction,
  • Money,
  • Sorting and classifying objects into groups,
  • Copying, continuing and creating basic patterns,
  • Following a sequence of instructions,
  • Early measurement concepts,
  • Days of the week and early time concepts,
  • Basic 2D shapes and 3D shapes,
  • Positional language (between, next to, near etc.),
  • Collecting, answering and recording yes/no questions,
  • Interpreting data about yes/no questions.




Transition is an important part of a child’s positive start to school where they embrace the next steps of their life long learning journey. We encourage a smooth transition into school by building and nurturing strong relationships with our local kinder, childcare and pre-school settings. Offering a range of opportunities to share, value and deepen our knowledge about one anothers’ educational environments. We make regular visits to these settings and engage in a number of shared activities to provide familiarity and early connections for the students. Early relationships are fostered with parents and prospective students through a variety of sessions held at School in Term 4. These include numeracy, literacy and social activities for students to share experiences and begin to form new friendships. Whilst children are engaged, parents are also invited to attend informative sessions providing details about our school for example how to access the school portal, app, The Smith Family, banking, school uniform plus much more. As a Community school we have  wonderful facilities which are available including the Community Hub, toddlers playgroups, cooking classes, play areas etc. Early enrolment and school tours are available each week by making an appointment with reception.

Telephone : 9741 4549