We Are Responsible

Growth Mindset

Being responsible is adapting a growth mindset.

Children with a growth mindset are able to see challenges as an experience to learn and grow. They understand they can improve abilities over time, however having a  fixed mindset is believing that aibilities can not be changed or developed. 

Positive affirmations can also be developed to help with thinking more optimistic, and can also help with adapting a growth mindset. (Please see examples of positive affirmation on next page).




Being responsible is looking after ourselves and others. Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Self-care helps improve mood and help reduce anxiety. It’s also the key to a good relationships with oneself and others. Having a self care-plan is a great resource to manage our wellbeing. 


Check out the link below on ideas you can adapt for your own self-care plan. 



    Positive Affirmations 

Positive affirmations are statements that can help with challenging negative thoughts and to help maintain a positive mental attitude. Positive affirmations are found to help improve general well-being and maintain healthy mindsets


Wheel of Choice

Being responsible is using the ‘Wheel of Choice’. Our students developed this tool. It is now taught to other students as great problem-solving tool to help students build independence and resilience when facing challenges in the yard. 

Students complete weekly SWPBS lessons which ensures students have the strategies to problem solve within the yard using the wheel of choice.


Peer Mediators are selected and used in the yard to assist students in making good choices. Students have the opportunity to show SAFE, RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL values within the yard and the classroom each term to be award a badge.



At Wyndham Park Primary School, everyone has a de-escalation plan. Theses are used to help everyone at Wyndham Park primary school become present, centred and grounded- ready for learning. 


De-escalation plans are reviewed each term to ensure the student can reflect and choose techniques that best suit them.




Coming to School on Time Everyday


Being Responsible is coming to school on time and every day. As we know coming to school is providing children with an education.


Education  provides students a chance to develop mentally, physically and develop social awareness in them.


Why it's important for children to attend school?

  - Build and learn math and writing skills

  - Opportunity to learn and try new skills

  - Build friendship groups and learn social skills

  - Feel prepared for class everyday

  - Feel prepared for the year ahead and ongoing school years.